HowTo Upgrade MLNX-OS Software on Mellanox switches

Version 12

    This post shows two ways to upgrade Mellanox switches (managed switches - with CPU), via the CLI or via the web GUI.

    Note: upgrade procedure for InfiniBand switches without CPU is out of scope of this post, refer to the MFT user manual.

    The post is simple and meant for beginners.



    • MLNX-OS User Manual


    MLNX-OS software package includes the CPU software per the specific CPU on the switch board (x86 or PPC) and in addition the switch firmware.

    There is no need to install specifically the firmware, as it is correlated with the CPU software. Once you upgrade the software, the firmware will be upgraded as well.


    The MLNX-OS Image and related documentation (Release Notes, User Manual) are located in myMellanox.


    Upgrade the switch via the CLI

    The following Academy videos explains about the Switch upgrade via CLI:




    To upgrade the MLNX-OS perform the following commands:

    1. Remote connect to the switch via SSH:

    #ssh admin@my-switch-name (e.g. ssh admin@


    2. Enter config mode

    switch> enable

    switch# configure terminal

    switch (config)#


    3. Run the following commands to upgrade (e.g. upgrade to 3.4.2002 release)

    switch (config)#image delete XXX // --> delete old images, if exist
    switch (config)#image fetch scp://root:password@server/path-to-image/image-X86_64-3.4.2002.img
    switch (config)#image install image-X86_64-3.4.2002.img
    switch (config)#image boot next 
    switch (config)#configuration write
    switch (config)#reload


    4. Wait a few minutes and then try and connect again to the system.


    5. Verify that the installation succeeded. Run the command:

    # show version

    Product name:      MLNX-OS

    Product release:   3.4.2002

    Build ID:          #1-dev

    Build date:        2015-07-30 20:13:19

    Target arch:       x86_64

    Target hw:         x86_64

    Built by:          jenkins@fit74

    Version summary:   X86_64 3.4.2002 2015-07-30 20:13:19 x86_64



    Product model:     x86

    Host ID:           E41D2D5FA480

    System serial num: Defined in system VPD

    System UUID:       03000200-0400-0500-0006-000700080009



    Uptime:            1d 3h 53m 11.288s

    CPU load averages: 1.03 / 1.03 / 1.05

    Number of CPUs:    2

    System memory:     1233 MB used / 2666 MB free / 3899 MB total

    Swap:              0 MB used / 0 MB free / 0 MB total


    6. Check the switch firmware version

    # show asic-version


    Module             Device              Version    


    MGMT               SX                  9.3.5080


    Upgrade the switch via the web GUI


    The following Academy videos explains about the Switch upgrade via WebUI:



    Another option is to upgrade the switch via the web GUI.

    1. After login (use the management IP on the browser), click on Systems-> MLNX-OS Upgrade.

    2. Click to the desired way of upgrade, in this screenshot I used the "Install from local" option.

    3. Browse to the image location and click on "Install Image".