UFM-HP Insight CMU Demo Video (from SC13)

Version 4

    Management software is a critical component in today’s clusters. As clusters become larger, more complex and business critical, they require a proper end-to-end means to monitor, provision and control them. Traditionally, cluster administrators have had to manage the server and network sides separately without visibility into network performance and health. This results in manual, time consuming root cause analysis of events, and relatively long duration till resolution.


    The CMU-UFM Connector combines HP’s Insight CMU server information with Mellanox’s Unified Fabric Manager™ (UFM™) fabric information. This enables the cluster administrator to view, in one location, the server and network information which greatly reduces operational efforts and duration till resolution.


    The CMU-UFM Connector is an add-on software package installed on the HP-CMU management node.


    Attached is a Demo shown in SC 2013, shows the following


    • Unified cluster and fabric topology view.
    • One pane of glass to monitor both servers and fabric performance parameters.
    • Fabric alert propagation from UFM to HP Insight CMU
    • UFM fabric health reports launched from HP Insight CMU


    To see the presentation click here:

    UFM-HP Insignt CMU Demo  Presentation (from SC13)