OpenStack - Troubleshooting Table

Version 17

    Troubleshooting Table:


    An ACL rule or VLAN configuration is not applied on the eswitchd daemon

    Make sure that the fabric's names in eSwitchd, Neutron agent and OpenFlow are the same.

    The Neutron agent fails to start

    Check if the eSwitchd deamon is running:

    Run the command 'service eswitchd status'


    if eswitchd is not running, start both the eswitchd and the Neutron agent using the commands 'service eswitchd start' :

    #'service quantum-mlnx-agent start  // for Grizzly release

    # service neutron-mlnx-agent start   // for Havana/Icehouse releases


    Note: The Neutron agent and the eswitchd should run only on compute nodes. Neutron agent requires the eswitchd daemon to run.

    Check that /etc/neutron/plugins/mlnx/mlnx_conf.ini file has the following entry:

    daemon_endpoint = 'tcp://'

    Note: The daemon endpoint is the address that the eswitch daemon is listening on.

    60001 is the default port the eswitch daemon is listening on. If you change the value

    socket_os_port in /etc/eswitchd/eswitchd.conf, you should also change the 'daemon_endpoint' variable in the /etc/neutron/plugins/mlnx/mlnx_conf.ini file.

    Mellanox Neutron Agent is not starting

    There is a known bug(Havana)

    Please confirm that /etc/neutron/plugins/mlnx/mlnx_conf.ini contains the entry:

    rpc_support_old_agents = True

    VMs don't get an IP from DHCP when using InfiniBand

    Make sure you are following the instructions for the DHCP server:


    Also, make sure you apply the patch for the Linux Bridge Agent on the Network node.


    Make sure ipoibd is running.

    Eswitch Daemon fails to start after reboot

    If the eswitchd.log contains The following:

    Stderr: 'sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo\n'

    Make sure you have the latest version of eswitchd

    In Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform -

    Neutron server fails to start with error "neutron-db-check: ERROR: neutron database does not have version information. You must run the "neutron-db-manage stamp" command before starting neutron services"

    In the file  /etc/init.d/neutron-server

    comment the line "[ -x $dbcheck ] && $dbcheck || exit 6"


    And run /etc/init.d/neutron-server start

    Eswitchd fails to startIf you upgraded to eswitchd version 0.10 from earlier versions check that log_file=/var/log/eswitch/eswitchd.log in /etc/eswitchd/eswitchd.conf