We would like to introduce a new “Search Tool” for both ECCN and HTS classification for Mellanox products. The Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) and Harmonized Schedule (HS) codes are the classifications that Mellanox Technologies applies to the listed products.


This tool can be found now on the http://www.mellanox.com/page/export_regs. Type the Mellanox part number in the green box and click “search”. You will get the relevant data of the part number you’ve searched. For example: Search for MSX6036F-1BFR.  The reply will be displayed as follows:


ECCN and HTS two.JPG.jpg

You can search with partial information (MSX6036 or MCC…  etc. ), or by typing “ORCA”, or “UFM” and get all appearances under this criteria highlighted in green.  If needed, you can send the search results to your email. This will help customers inquiries on ECCN, HTS & License Symbols for Mellanox products.


In any issue where data is missing or not displayed – please contact Yossi Adi.